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Never Loosens, No Call-backs!


If you're tired of toilet seats that come loose, STA-TITE® is the feature for you! No loose seats means no call-backs for re-tightening seats you have already installed!

What is STA-TITE®?


This innovative fixing kit provides unmatched stability to your toilet seat. The unique, patented STA-TITE® system is simple to install and will not loosen over time.

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Installation is Fast and Easy!

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What Toilet Seats have STA-TITE®?


There are many Carrara & Matta seats that feature STA-TITE®! From moulded wood to thermoset plastic, there are STA-TITE® seats to fit any need.

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Where Can I Find STA-TITE®?

STA-TITE® seats can be found at a variety of trade counters and distributors around the UK and Ireland and throughout Europe. We can help you find the closest place to you!

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